More business? No thanks I’m fine! What?

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I despair.

Is entrepreneurism dead for British businesses?

So here I am at the Ibis Hotel in Earls Court at a seminar being run by Lee Gilbert (he’s great by the way – look him up. He’s an Internet Marketing Expert) and lo and behold there’s a ‘traditional’ English public under the same roof.

So, what has this got to do with the headline? Well, I only found out by accident because it happens to be raining and I didn’t bring a brolly; therefore thought I’d see what was available in the hotel.

There are another 50 people at the event, any of whom would only have found the venue by accident not by design.

There is admittedly an A-frame billboard in the reception of the hotel but no concerted effort by the pub to promote their services to almost a captive audience.

There’s 2 possible exits from the conference room we are in, neither with any clear promotion for delegates.

Wouldn’t you as a business owner do something proactive rather than leave it to chance – a couple more A-frames,  leaflet delegates as they came out, liaise with the event organisers to highlight the venue as opposed to all the establishments outside of the hotel,…..?

How many thousands of potential prospects just walk out the door and spend their pounds elsewhere over a year?

Why rely on the weather?

Stranger than fiction!

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